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This web log is about art and culture along the Shores of Chaleur Bay or Baie des Chaleurs as my French-speaking friends call our beautiful bay.


Let’s get Artsy on our Bay
At Chaleur Arts Festival
Happening next May

Be part of Chaleur Bay Spring Garden of Artist Artists Festival May 2015
Free registration for Artists. http://chaleurbay.me/contact-for-art-festival/

To everyone who voted, thank you. Thank you Aviva.
Voting is over and we didn’t quite make the finalist list.
Best of luck to those who did.

1. We tried very hard to raise money to pay artists.
2. We will still show that Chaleur Bay has talent.
3. We will still show that artsy is OK along our Bay.
4. We will still do our best to revitalize Chaleur Bay Art.
5. We hope our young people want to return here.



Please visit us at chaleurbay.com

Bring them back … To Miscou … To Maisonnette … To Beresford … To Nigadoo … To Madran … To Petit-Rocher … To Pointe-Verte … To Dalhousie … To Balmoral … To Campbellton … To all points in between.

You are never too old for music or art.

Art and music? http://www.onthecommons.org/magazine/arts-and-culture

“What Art and Culture! It’s not like we live in Fredericton.”
Yes … I’ve heard it too.
OK … Let’s deal with this. Must culture and art always be about comparison and competition?
Let’s take a look at the Arts in Fredericton.
Now there is a model for people willing to work together to make good things happen. I ask whether those same good things can happen here.

I am preparing to take a trip along the Bay and this trip is not about judging one place over another. It is about seeing what is being done in each community, seeing which communities are proud of their artists and seeing how much support artists are actually getting.

And what do I mean by support? Shouldn’t artists have to support themselves just like everyone else. Up to a point, yes. But the artist who is being asked to donate time and talent for every worthy organization out fund-raising surely deserves at least to be recognized as making valuable contributions to his or her community.

If there are not enough paying jobs to provide for groceries and heating, why would the artist not move to a place like Fredericton?

So I jump into my virtual boat and explore Chaleur Bay to find the artists and the venues that support them.

This is an exciting journey and I wonder what I will discover. Will things be any different here than they are elsewhere?
In some cases there is government and corporate support for an entertainment event or a festival or a charity fund-raiser. In other cases it is the potential festival goers who pay good money for a ticket to a show. In some cases it is thinly disguised big business masquerading as “Career Opportunities” for “Emerging Artists”.
Experience has taught me one thing … Rarely is it the artist who comes out ahead.

So on I go …
I begin near the tip of the Acadian peninsula with Miscou Island and Caraquet. Imagine I am piloting my boat along that shoreline, stopping at small landings, occasionally travelling inland, gradually moving along the shore to Bathurst where My humble loft studio is located, then eventually moving further along the southern shore of our beautiful bay to Campbellton, then across the great Restigouche river and hopefully up along the Northern shore of Bay Chaleur to the Gaspe, Quebec region.
This could take some time. There are so many people to meet and stories to tell and history to discover.

Welcome to our Beautiful Bay.

Some say

Chaleur Bay

Some say

Baie des Chaleurs

Some say it begins in Caraquet

I say  Miscou Island

Lovely shore

Scant years before

An ice-bridge

And a ferry

Were the roads

Their children

Travelled across

To new friends

New lives


Music happens along Chaleur Bay …Did you get your tickets?

All local communities please join us to build a successful arts festival in May 2015.

Notice to communities along the southern part of Chaleur Bay, New Brunswick.
From Miscou to Caraquet to Bathurst to Petit-Rocher to Belledune to Jacquet River to Dalhousie to Campbellton to Tide head … All points in between … All surrounding rural communities

… We Welcome You.

Members of the business community, members of service organizations and individuals who live anywhere along the south part of Chaleur Bay

… We Welcome You.

Our neighbours across the waters of the Bay we share, we welcome you.

We are looking for partners in a cooperative arts festival taking place along Chaleur Bay during the month of May 2015 .

If you would like more information please contact Interim Chairman:

Sharon Olscamp

Chaleur BayArt Festival

Be part of Chaleur Bay Spring Garden of Artist Artists Festival May 2015
Free registration for Artists. http://chaleurbay.me/contact-for-art-festival/

Or email anytime

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Absolutement!

    We have marinas and wharves and even beaches where you can land. Many years ago our beaches were dotted with the colourful sails of many free spirits during the International Catamaran Meet.

    By May the ice should be gone. S’il vous plait, joinez nous. . Vous etre bienvenue.
    As you can see, we are still greatly in need of a translator. If you know of anyone who would like to volunteer to help us, please tell them to go ahead and translate and send us the material and we would happily post it on this site.

    We also have airports, one in Charlo and the larger, busier airport in Bathurst.

    Merci. Vous etre bienvenue.

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