And in 1534

Beautiful Bay Said Jacques Cartier

Author:Margaret Sharon Olscamp Facebook Here

Once upon a time …
At the entrance
Of our beautiful Bay
Arrived an explorer
Named Jacques Cartier

He named our Bay or so they say
Those who tell the stories
Of Chaleur Bay
And an explorer from Brittany
Named Jacques Cartier

Then came others.
The stories they left us
Some English some French
Shaped this country
We live in today

But many others
So some say
Were here before us
On this same bay
We have no right
Some may say
If we were not born
Upon this bay.

I was born here
I say to them
I cannot change
Who I am
Why should I change
For those who say
I don’t belong here
On our bay?

Why should it matter
And how do we know
Which of our families
Was first long ago
Tell us instead please
What you took from our bay
And please also tell us
What you gave back, by the way

By Sharon Olscamp

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But first the story
By Jacques Cartier

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