Bathurst NB

Bathurst NB

Be part of Chaleur Bay Spring Garden of Artist Artists Festival May 2015
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Bathurst NB

Vision for Bathurst

Artist Vision for the Mill Property … Here is my vision …
with an admitted bias for an art garden or as some might say, a sculpture garden.

Imagine … Tucked into this protected area … The bay within the bay … An immense art garden … Imagine … Designed by artists, created by artists … Over two hundred acres … Enough space to host Visiting Artists …Imagine … Can theyImagine?

Jobs, clean green jobs!
Then, to generate an income, have a landscape artist block out the property and rent lots to be used for movie making. Utilize the existing buildings as training facilities for people looking to enter film, video and animation careers. The gaming industry might be worth looking to for support for such training.

Another option would be to transform the building into an Art Museum focused on minimalism or conceptual art or an Art Museum of another kind Or even a combination of these might be possible by offering some type of video or cable link to various art museums around the world. Everyone would benefit by such exposure. Bathurst would benefit. Young artists would benefit.

If a more traditional approach to art education is preferred, why not follow an existing model and open an Art Academy?

If the existing building is large enough, it could include all of these, art museum, art academy, film and video studios, animation studio, dance studio as well as exhibit space for local emerging artists. Thus it would be transformed into an amazing Arts and Cultural Centre for the Chaleur Region. If it is not presentlly large enough there is plenty of room for future expansion. Starting small is OK too. Making good use of what we already have might be a good mind-set to begin with.

The towers seem to be sturdy. Could they be used as vertical billboards and fitted with some sort of innovative LED system? A team of architects and engineers might tell us? What are all those retired military engineers up to? Maybe they could see this as an interesting project to explore.

OR? You decide …
Crazy idea?

Some folks in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal don’t seem to think so with their Paint The City art project.

So why not Paint The City Bathurst. The structure is already up. I don’t see ugly looming towers … I see sculpture

I think of the 100 years of history every time I drive by.
Like great art, it speaks to you.

So what will it be?

Something like this Art Park?




Yet another Industrial Park?

In post-industrial Bathurst what do we want?

A garden or an industrial park?

Ask again …

A garden or an industrial park?

What’s it goon be boy?
What’s it gonna be!
I gotta know right now?
( Please pardon me, Meatloaf)

Now I’m waiting for the end of time
To hurry up and arrive.
If I have to spend
Another minute with you
I think I can barely survive.

Trailer Park?
What about by-laws?
No, no, no, not that kind of trailer park?
The kind of trailer park you might see on a movie set …
A trailer park built in the middle of an art garden.

Any sort of vision, no matter how crazy still sounds better than yet another industrial part. Even an empty movie lot is far more interesting than an empty lot in an industrial park.


Arts and Culture in Bathurst

Museums and Galleries

Susie tells me that artworks are available in Bathurst here:
“La Touche Finale par Rachel est située derière le McDonald de Bathurst.” Merci Susie.

Bathurst Art Studios

Visual Artists

Rachel Cyr

Jean Frances


David Scott

Add your up-coming art and/or musical event to this page by contacting me.

Author:Margaret Sharon Olscamp Facebook Here


Thank you everyone who helped Chaleur Arts by voting:
Good luck to contestants who made it to the finals

We are looking for artists and writers to join us. It’s FREE.

Facebook HereSharon Olscamp’s Studio is located in Bathurst NB and is open by chance or appointment.

Bathurst in September
A cultural Policy Paper … We are Celts … Please let us in … That was September of 2012.

CRAFTS IN Bathurst
Sea Glass Gems Plus
Liz Daley
1045 Daley Ave
Bathurst, NB

Country Home Craft
Mitts from recycled knits
Debbie Caissie
33 Apple St
South Tetagouche, NB

Homemade Jams & Jellies
Confitures & Gelees Maison
Rosaire Belanger
974 Manor Ave
Bathurst, NB

Salmon & Trout Flies
Mouches a Truite et Saumon
Rheal Daigle
775 St Anne Street, Apt #5
Bathurst, NB

Bathurst in October
Exhibit at NB Community College Gallery until October 15, 2014. The college is located at 725 College Street, just up the hill beyond the VIA station in West Bathurst.

The Nepisiguit Photo Club is holding an exhibit until October 31 at the museum on Douglas Ave in Downtown Bathurst.

Theatre with Jean et Béatrice, Friday, October 17, 2014 at 8:00 pm in the evening at ESN High School across from Walmart on St. Anne Street in Bathurst, NB.

Bathurst in November

A craft sale is happening now at Bathurst Shopping Mall
… Beginning today November 6, 2014 and lasting all week-end
… Lots of lovely local handmade items … Jewellry, jam, wood-working, soaps, candles, fudge, coats, slippers, christmas decorations, etc.

New Brunswick Youth Orchestra performance on Sunday, November 23,2014 at 2:00 pm at Bathurst High School.

Bathurst in December
Jean-François Breau et Marie-Ève Janvier are at BHS High School on December 4,2014 at 8:00 pm.
BHS is on King Avenue in the southern section of Downtown Bathurst. Tickets are now available.

Bathurst in April
Friday April 24, 2015 at 8 o’clock …
Yes Bathurst Area welcomes back an all-time favourite group, Sweet People who will be performing at Salle Richelieu located at ESN High School, directly across from Walmart on St.Anne Street in Bathurst New Brunswick.

Tickets are on sale now until April 24, 2015 or, as this writer imagines, until they are all sold out, which did happen early at least one year

Bathurst in May
Lise Dion will be performing at Bathurst High School (BHS) on May 16, 2015 at 8:00 pm.
BHS is located on King Avenue in Downtown Bathurst. tickets are now on sale.

Be part of Chaleur Bay Spring Garden of Artist Artists Festival May 2015
Free registration for Artists.

Bathurst in May 2012
Arts Festival musicians in 2012 performing in Bathurst at Les Éloizes Acadian music and art Festival.

Bathurst in June
took place
JUNE 14, 2014 FROM 11 AM TO 5 PM
at the Civic Centre on St. Anne Street. This is the building displaying the large Titan viking helmet sign.
The Festival presented a wide variety of musical entertainment hired in from other parts of New Brunswick to appear onstage.
A few local volunteers played at the entrance.

There were booths displaying cultural artifacts and selling culinary art delicacies representing various countries and cultures from around the world.

Bathurst in July

The 2015 Hospitality Days – July 20th to 26th

What happened at last year’s Festival.

Sharon Olscamp

Chaleur BayArt Festival
Be part of Chaleur Bay Spring Garden of Artist Artists Festival May 2015
Free registration for Artists.

Or email anytime

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