Book A Room

Book a Room

On Chaleur Bay
So it is said
When someone wants
To rest their head

Hospitality is
The Bathurst way
And so it goes
All round our Bay

A cottage here
Or motel there
We welcome guests
From everywhere.

So if you need
A place to stay
A night or longer
On our Bay

Welcome guests
From afar
Whether you arrive
By boat or car.
Author … Sharon Olscamp
Here we are.

Do you want your community to be part of the 2015 Arts Festival next May?

Be part of Chaleur Bay Spring Garden of Artist Artists Festival May 2015
Free registration for Artists.

Festival coordinator looking for a volunteer to help organize art, music and/or writing event/s to take place in your community during the upcoming Arts Festival happening along Chaleur Bay from May 1-31, 2015.

Please contact Sharon Olscamp at 506-783-7944 or for more information

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