We Welcome Artists From Away

Welcome to Chaleur Bay

Author: Margaret Sharon Olscamp
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Do you want your community to be part of the 2015 Arts Festival next May?

Festival coordinator looking for a volunteer to help organize art, music and/or writing event/s in your community for the upcoming Arts Festival to take place along Chaleur Bay from May 1-31, 2015.
Please contact Sharon Olscamp at 506-783-7944 or maggiequinn@rogers.com for more information


Join ART on the BAY
Please Join us next May
Please join us you’ll see
Join us … It’s FREE

Thank you everyone who helped Chaleur Arts by voting:
Good luck to contestants who made it to the finals

We are now planning our Spring Garden of Artists for 2015. Please help us grow. We are looking for individual, independent artists to join us.
Take “artist” to mean visual or graphic artists, sculptors, performing artists, musicians, dancers, singers, etc.
Writers And Photographers?
Yes Please, join us, do
We really, sincerely welcome you.

Welcome welcome
To our Bay
All you artisans
From away.

Welcome travellers
We welcome you too
To the province
Known as


Welcome PEI promoting arts through Tourism

Welcome Elora

Welcome Wood E Creation

Welcome Hutchinson Pottery

Welcome Wilton Pottery

Welcome TMD Metalcraft

Scents and Sensibility Bath Products

Timothy Finley

Wings & Things

Welcome Kettlegrove Natural Goatmilk Soap

Nicholas & Heather

Greig Pottery

Welcome Quiltdream

And welcome to all those other creative people who do the Atlantic Craft Show circuit

As we say
On Chaleur Bay
The very best
We wish to you
And hope to meet
You some day too.

Welcome American artists with ancestors born in Canada:
Welcome Jacques D’Amboise

Dancer Jacques D’Amboise
Quote:”“The arts open your heart and mind to possibilities that are limitless. They are pathways that touch upon our brains and emotions and bring sustenance to imagination. Human beings’ greatest form of communication, they walk in tandem with science and play, and best describe what it is to be human.”
-Jacques d’Amboise

Add your up-coming art and/or musical event to this page by contacting me.

Sharon Olscamp

Chaleur BayArt Festival
Be part of Chaleur Bay Spring Garden of Artist Artists Festival May 2015
Free registration for Artists. http://chaleurbay.me/contact-for-art-festival/

Be part of Chaleur Bay Spring Garden of Artist Artists Festival May 2015

Or email anytime

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