Waiting for 2017

December … A time of waiting … Hoping … Hopping? No, Easter is time for hopping. December is a time for hope … For some of us … That next year will be better.

It has been a long time since I posted anything here. There wasn’t much to post, because there didn’t seem to be much point in spending my time writing to myself.

I discovered there wasn’t much traffic here, mostly because I don’t twit, so I’ve been told. Also because the site is quite devoid of juicy tid-bits. No gossip, no sex, no trying to convince anyone that my member or God is greater than theirs. Ho-hum.

Now I wait for 2017. Mostly I hope there will be more support for artists … Yes, that includes musicians and dancers and all sorts of creative niche-seekers I’ve yet to meet.

Anyone who wants to form a local creative co-op along the shores of Chaleur Bay, please contact me at maggiequinn@rogers.com

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