Looking for Intelligent Life in and Around Chaleur Bay – Baie de Chaleurs

Guest Author:Pedro Hennessey, prospector (without license) extraordinaire

First, let us begin with a few definitions.

Acadian Peninsula: a loosely connected group of islands that might eventually disappear due to the mining and removal of its soil, made up primarily of peat moss
(note:and who is carting away the soil … And please! don’t even mention Mr. Peabody’s Coal train. We’ve heard that same old song so many times that our memories are worn. Besides, what dowes peat moss have to do with coal?)

Bathurst:a shrinking city on the south side of Chaleur bay
(note:No no no that is all wrong … Bathurst cannot possibly just fade away. It is rock-hard. Harder than barley-toy and just as sweet … However … There have been rumours … It could just be … Do you suppose the Bathurst population is shrinking? Now there is something that will require further study … Will get right on that … As soon as we get another government grant.)

Chaleur Bay:A Canadian body of water shared by both Quebec and New Brunswick one of the Most Beautiful Bays of the world, some say
(note:and exactly who is saying this? UNESCO? Are you sure about that?)

Festival:a time when the local Chaleur Bay population is said to come out of hiding.
(note-a 2014 study*(1) makes no mention of Chaleur Bay, Bathurst, or the Acadian Peninsula, which is why this author is now writing the article Looking for Intelligent Life in and Around Chaleur Bay – Baie de Chaleurs

*1. Moranz, Gillian G. Ms. (2014) “An Anthropological Analysis of Canadian Music Festivals: Tournaments of Value, Modes of Festival Consumption, Tension, Con ict, and Struggle in the Context of Vancouver Island Music Festival,” Totem: e University of Western Ontario Journal of Anthropology: Vol. 22: Iss. 1, Article 8.
Available at: h p://ir.lib.uwo.ca/totem/vol22/iss1/8

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  1. Hmmmm well who is this Pedro Hennessy anyway? Never heard of him? Besides, how can anybody be considered a proper prospector if they don’t have a prospector’s license? And is that licence or license?


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