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Hey a New Year 2017

2017 is here.
A New Year
Time for change.
Time to push
All that old stuff
Into the recycling bin
The compost pile
Occasionally check it
Make sure it’s working
Turn it into whatever
Might be useful.
This the year.
Exciting events
Will happen in Chaleur.

In April 2017 https://www.facebook.com/lareinedesneigeslemusical/photos/a.1708419436098394.1073741828.1708388029434868/1793375397602797/?type=3&theater

………………….compost level……………………….
What happened?

I paid for this. I paid.

This is what happens when the rules are not clear. You end up paying for something you don’t get. I am talking about taxes. Ever think about where your taxes go? Do you consider arts funding a waste of your tax dollars? Sometimes I wonder too.

Supposedly artists are being supported by unlimited government grants. Not so. Some of us are really struggling. Sometimes I wonder why we even bother. Maybe there is something to that impression of an artist as a crazy person. Who else but a crazy person would work for the pure joy of art?

How much of the arts money goes to support artists and how much is actually used to further someone’s political career? I have no idea.

Still, we artists struggle on, even here in the Chaleur Region. As an artist I am desperate for a bit of culture. ” How often the past several years have I heard the words
“There is nothing here, no culture, nothing except snowmobiles”?
I’ve thought those thoughts’ perhaps voiced that opinion and have been trying to do something it, especially for those of us who are artists.

For three years I have worked hard at trying to get artists to join me in creating an “artsy Chaleur”. I asked for help from several Gov agencies, not money but moral support and the opportunity to network through their (tax supported) channels. I did my best to have my promotional material translated into both official languages. I guess my best was not good enough. Not only was I was refused their non-monetary help, I was completely ignored.

“What is wrong?” is what I kept asking myself.

Well I guess my search is over. This paper pretty well explains it all. It is the who-is-who of the Gov approved Atlantic Arts. Read it all right here: http://www.aaapnb.ca/english/AGlobalStrategy.pdf
This seems to be a Grand Scheme to reinvent the Maritime provinces as a friendly place for artists.
I did find a few people purporting to represent us who are artists, some even from the Chaleur region . However, I do not recognize any people who are actually artists from the Chaleur region. I suppose some of them might be artists from somewhere. If they were ever Chaleur artists I guess they must have moved away long ago.

Basically what it is all about is reinventing Atlantic culture along the lines of your Exclusive”old boys network”. I would not mind so much if it were not so blatently political. “Not so!” Did I hear the distant protest? “Not so!” What is the inclusive about this statement I read on page 52:

“Some of New Brunswick’s Anglophone and First Nations art- ists were invited,”
Anglophone is, I guess, the box I would be expected to occupy. But I was not invited. Who was?

Hmmmmmm …. Bit of a problem here … For me at least … I am an independent artist … And prefer not to be restricted by the language I was born into. Who knows, given a choice I might have chosen another language entirely, French, Italian, Chinese, Greek, Arabic, Russian … the list of world languages is vey long.

Yes, my language is part of my culture. Still, it is only one part. Art is a whole other world for me. It goes beyond a restricted volume of particular words sanctioned by some official “Academie” gatekeepers.

Getting back to why I was not invited, I am still wondering why. I have been a Chaleur artist for well over fifty years. Is it an ageist thing, do you suppose?



Some say

Chaleur Bay

Some say

Baie des Chaleurs

Some say it begins in Caraquet

I say  Miscou Island

Lovely shore

Scant years before

An ice-bridge

And a ferry

Were the roads

Their children

Travelled across

To new friends

New lives



Welcome to Our Bay

Chaleur Bay – Baie des Chaleurs

Add your up-coming art and/or musical event to this page by contacting me.

Sharon Olscamp

Chaleur BayArt Festival

By Post
c/o Musk Enterprises Ltd
PO Box 422
Bathurst NB, E2A3Z3

In person, by chance or appointment
Weekdays, 10-11 am
At Sharon’s art studio
214 St. Andrew
Bathurst, NB

By phone 6-9 pm

Or email anytime


Caraquet Art Studios

Jeanne Godin Morin

Theatre visits our Bay

Caraquet in May

From May 30 to June 6, 2015, the Festivin wine festival will be held in Caraquet, New Brunswick. The wine Festival appears to be limited to 44 people with tickets priced at $200.00.

June 5, 2015 is indicated as Jazz Night at the Cave a Vin. However, there is no mention of live music and no names of musicians given.

In 2014, KÄNAM showband performed live on Saturday June 7th, starting at 10 pm. No further information is given about this group that is found on a site that books Tribute Bands
An unnamed jazz band perfomed at the Cave a Vin on June 6, 2014 for an unspecified length of time.

During the 2013 wine festival, music for the Saturday night show was provided by Xequo, the band sponsored by Sobey’s. That 2013 event was the 17th festival and took place from May 24 to June 1.

The 2015 sponsors listed on the website include The Village of Caraquet, The Provincial NBLiquor Control Board, GMC, Caisse Populaire, Desjardins and VISA.

Sponsors listed for last year’s 2014 Event included New Brunswick Community College, NBLiquor, Caisse Populaire, Sobeys, CBC Radio Canada, CKRO Radio Station, 92.9 FM Radio Station, Jacques Boucher Architecture, DPG Communications, LA Trading, Acadia General Insurance, Platinum Card Services, and Belle Ile Fisheries.

Caraquet in June

From June 8 to September 20 The Acadian Village is open every day during the hours of 10 am and 6 pm.

The final three musical dinners of the Acadian Village 2014 season were held September 3, 9, and 12th at the hotel Albert with Théo Brideau on the violin and Jean-Eric Paulin on guitar.

From June 25 to 29, 2014, the Atlantic Festival of Visual Arts was held in Caraquet, New Brunswick, Canada. According to information found on the website, in 2014, FAVA received support from the Canadian Federal Government, The New Brunswick Provincial Government, The Village of Caraquet, The Canadian Federal Department of Heritage, the Caisse Populaire, and another Peninsula Organization unknown to this writer.

Caraquet in August
Festival Days 2014 in Caraquet NB

The 52nd annual Caraquet Acadian Festival took place August 1st to August 17th, 2014 under the direction of President, Pierre Cormier and Executive Director of the event, Daniel Thériault.

Acadian Festival’s partners included:
The Historical Acadian Village,
The Centr’Art Cultural Society,
The Cinéma du Centre and
The Caraquet Cultural Commission

The 35th Grand Tintamarre was celebrated with a Group Hug (Super Câlin) on Aug. 15. A new event for 2014, the Group hug was “imortalized”by NB photographer Keith Minchin for his book “Faces of New Brunswick”. This event was also broadcast live by Rogers TV.

Nearly 100 artists participated in over 19 concerts and performances.
Festival Artists included:
Adam & Martin (musical duo)
Annie Blanchard
Backyard Devils (Moncton Bluegrass)
Bois Joli (band)
Caroline Savoie (folk music )
Cédric Vieno
Chloé Breault (opening act for Mix 4)
Circus Stella
Danny Party (Acadian band)
Don Bernard (Magician)
Dixit (band)
Dylan Perron (Cajun bluegrass ensemble Quebec Artist)
Elixir de Gumbo (Cajun bluegrass ensemble)
l’École de danse Ghislaine Lagacé (dancers)
Édith Butler
L’Entrepôt du rir (la Soirée d’humour acadien)
Des Étoiles pour Angèle
Félix Belliveau and Jean-Luc Bujold (singers)
Francelle Maria (Super Country Show)
Gallantine au parc Forillon (kids & family show)
Karine & Iain (musical duo)
Laurie LeBlanc (Super Country Show)
Les Hay Babies (folk music) with Les Soeurs Boulay (special guests)
Lisa LeBlanc
Louis-Jean Cormier (of Polaris Prize winning band Karkwa)
Marie-Mai (Quebec act)
Martin-Michel Boucher
Miroir (band)
Monelle Doiron (dancer)
Presto & Baltazar (kids & family show)
Quimorucur (band)
Rémi Martin
Rhéal LeBlanc (Super Country Show)
Ronald Bourgeois
Sirkafran (performers)
Les Soeurs Boulay (Quebec duo)
Swing (Franco-Ontarian band)
Thomé Young ( NB singer-songwriter “Pascal Lejeune’s alter-ego” album launch)
Tibert (French singer)
Tradition (band)
La Trappe à Homard (Acadian band)
Vazzy (band)
Wilfred Le Bouthillier

The Des Étoiles pour Angèle performance was in honour of Acadian singer-songwriter Angèle Arsenault, who passed away in February)

The program was online at (www.festivalacadien.ca)
Tickets were made available through:
Acadian Festival’s office in Caraquet
Billeterie Accès at different retail outlets,
An online site (www.billeterieacces.ca)
Telephone orders at1-800-992-4040.

Pilot Project for 2014: “One artist, one boat”
Boats are traditionally used to ferry dignitaries for the blessing of the boats (Bénédiction des bateaux). A new idea, beginning with the Praga in 2014 was to have these boats decorated by a local artist. Anyone wishing to hire an artist for 2015 may contact the Acadian Festival office in Caraquet.

Caraquet in September
The Acadian Village Agricultural Fair was held from September 13-14, 2014

Caraquet in October

Caraquet Theatre tours New Brunswick in October, 2014 bringing Norge to Bathurst.

Tickets for October 20th event at The Acadian Village.

Source: written by Margaret Sharon Olscamp